LETTER: Gaston Browne lied about Sean Bird, Sherfield Bowen wanting to leave UPP

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Hon Gaston Browne – Chief Servant,    

This is a follow up to my email sent to you on 27th October 2022 – See below.

To date you have not come publicly to the electorate and presented a scintilla of evidence like documents, text messages, recordings, etc to prove that you had not lied against both Sean Bird and Sherfield Bowen concerning them wanting to leave the UPP camp.

Tanny Rose had made it clear before on Pointe FM that the lord is against people who lie and that people who lie are an abomination – See below a link of the recording of Tanny Rose statement concerning this.  https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZdB4QZEnpGtTQYsBVVx4KTIFgwryyXbeCV 

It appears that you are not concerned about your lack of truthfulness and lack of integrity being called into question by the electorate.

This lack of action, on your part, not to come to the public and present the evidence is not only making yourself look bad for the upcoming election but also the ABLP.  

Maybe you have already accepted that you have been defeated concerning this matter since you cannot produce any evidence to back up your claim of them wanting to leave the UPP – only time will tell.

For your sake, I do hope, that you are not considering going on your Saturday Radio show today 29th Oct 2022, at Pointe FM, without the necessary evidence, as this would not work out well for you in the eyes of the electorate.  

It is noteworthy that both Sean Bird and Sherfield Bowen had come to the media within 24hrs of my correspondences on this matter being sent to them and stating that your purported claims/accusations against them were untrue/lies.

This has given the electorate the perception that both Sean Bird and Sherfield Bowen are men of integrity. As you have stated in a previous recording, once you lack integrity you cannot govern.  

Once again, as the Chief Servant you would know that the electorate are looking for in this upcoming election, for a Prime Minister who will truly show good governance, transparency and accountability while in Government. 

Once again, the electorate are expecting better from their Chief Servant. As you stated previously on your Saturday Pointe FM radio show, a word to the wise is sufficient – See below a link of the recording of your statement concerning this.  https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ824QZjssl40l7b5f9mKzLsdEKSXjuq2VV 

I would like to end by sending you a youtube link for a song called Take Warning by Eddie Hooper. Hopefully this song can assist you with making not only good decisions for your life but also the decisions you make concerning the lives of others. https://youtu.be/xS1TzYTIOTM 

 aka – 268KingLiar Detector    

CC: Sherfield Bowen, UPP Candidate – St. Phillip South    

CC: Sean Bird, UPP Candidate – St. John’s Rural East    

CC: Harold Lovell, Leader of the United Progressive Party