LETTER: Gaston Browne is targeting the children of this country with this vaccine mandate

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

I am upset, angered and feeling turned off about the way Prime Minister Gaston Browne is targeting the children of this country with this vaccine mandate. I am a mother of three young boys and non will be getting this vaccine poison.

Minister Daryll Matthew was on Observer Am and it’s like he is deaf. “People don’t want their children taking this vaccine” you deaf. Why the unvaccinated students can’t continue zoom learning and the vaccinated students attend face to face learning? Why can’t the unvaccinated teachers teach the unvaccinated students and all parties have to test for Covid once a week?

This administration has already threatened and displaced some persons with this vaccine mandate from their jobs now they are targeting and threatening the kids and their education which is extremely disgusting.

Parents like myself of this country needs to stand up to this absurdity, and just don’t send their children to school and let’s see what they going to do. So people are we going to lay down and play dead again?

I’m just so tired of Antigua people chatting, get of yall backsides and let’s fight for the children of this country. I’m so sick to my stomach right now with you guys. I can’t blame the PM; I blame us for not standing up for anything. Wake up and smell the dawn coffee jack.

This vaccine isn’t the end it all from catching covid, practicing proper hygiene, wearing masks, and social distancing will……… this madness needs to stop ASAP.

By hook or by crook the PM means he must reach “national immunity”. How can anyone claim “national immunity” when the vaccine can’t prevent infection or transmission. This is a form of segregation at it’s worst.

This is what happens when the people of Antigua give a slave power…… he doesn’t know what to do with it hence he ends up oppressing his own people.

Well, my children will be staying home, they will just have to learn a trade/skill because they aren’t taking this poison. After all this is the direction, the world seems to be heading coming out this pandemic.

Look how me no sorry for them parents that crying now. Why? When the government started to attack jobs they run like headless chickens and thought oh let me do this and done, me nah stand up and fight for nothing, then they came for 12 and over and the nonsensical talks continued “me nah care my child nah in that category so them on their own” then they now throwing them out schools like bad boys and girls. SMH!

Wait when the 5 -11-year-old vaccination policy arrives, the people will complain. But guess what? It’s going to be too late. We need to shut up about oh what we go do, and stand up to these wicked, evil, demonic labor party administration we have in power today. Newborns to 4 years old next wait and yall see.

Antigua is full of suck ups who stand up for nothing. They are scared to lose they job that god forbids when they dead, a next person just walks in and replace them. Why the need to force it upon you and make it mandatory straight across the table ?????? My body, my life, my choice, my rights.

All eighteen members of parliament are wicked, evil, sick, demons who don’t care about anyone but themselves. For all those who saying we need to elect another leader like Lovell or Joanne Messiah, they are all one and the same and they will continue the oppressing if they get into office. All politicians are the same!!

We the people of this country pay education levy in this country, and the law says every child should have access to education in this country. What happen when silly season comes around, are you going to go door to door to people’s house or yall going it virtual since the PM said Covid is going to be around with us for a sometime.

The education system is already a mess, not teaching our students the critical skills and knowledge needed to make them create a better society for themselves and the people of this country. This ABLP administration right now just sick my stomach and have enough of every one of them.

In conclusion parents, we need to stand up and take action to the streets to show our dissatisfaction with this policy, and keep our children home from this discriminatory policy from the dictators we have in power.

Kimaya Yearwood
Antiguan Mother of 3

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