LETTER: Filthy Site In The Buckley’s/Montrula Area

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

I am writing this email to express my absolute disgust with how the people of Buckley’s/Muntrula keeps a particular area of the village and to bring this issue to the attention of the relevant authorities.

I live in Buckleys/Montrula and every day I pass by this fenced sort of garbage dump spot for a certain section of the community daily when I go to work or am returning home.

This structure was erected in 2013 by a group of men but I do not know who owns the structure.

From time to time, persons throw their garbage bags and it hooks the fencing and bursts the bag open and spills on the ground and they would just hope into their vehicles and go about their business without cleaning up their garbage.

Sometimes I see rats and dogs savaging among the garbage for food which horrifies me as I drive by this said area.

Someone even dumped 2 old flat screen TV’s expecting the garbage men to take it to cooks. Smh.

It is an absolute disgrace how the people of that particular area of the village treats that area of the village.

This said area for years has been treated like this by the people living in that particular area and has been an eye sore to for years. Absolutely fed up.

Annoyed Buckley’s/Montrula Resident

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