LETTER: Choksi was telling the truth, but we all knew that!

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Dear Editor,

I just read over the comments on Antigua Newsroom facebook page and web when news broke of the disappearance of Mehul Choksi.

The comments were overwhelming in belief of the version of events later given by Mr. Chokis himself.

Mr. Choksi we never doubted you. After all why would you leave the comfort of your Jolly Harbour home to go to Dominica?

Now we need to know who was behind it. At least one Caribbean Prime Minister, not Gaston, must be investigated by international agencies.

The India Government must also come clean. I mean conspiracy theorists couldn’t make this up.

The Antigua police report says: “The further along this investigation progresses, the more the facts are aligning with Mr Choksi’s version of the events that led to his appearance in the state of Dominica.”

It goes on to say: ‘The plethora of real and circumstantial evidence makes it clear that a case of kidnapping with broad collusion among multiple conspirators exists.”

The report names five suspects; two of them – an Indian-origin man and a Hungarian woman – it ranks “at the top of the list of suspects”.

The report – which was submitted to the government of Antigua and Barbuda – in its recommendations sought permission from the country’s authorities to secure a warrant for the Hungarian woman ‘for conspiracy to kidnap’.

It also wants Interpol to be requested “to identify the location and possible return” of all five suspects to Antigua “to be interviewed”. The green light for this has yet to be granted by the government of Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

The 19-page Antigua Police report dated June 25, 2021 confirms the claims made by Choksi and his wife Priti at the time of Choksi’s disappearance from Antigua on May 25, 2021. It also virtually dittos the complaint filed by London barrister Michael Polak in the matter on behalf of Choksi to London’s Metropolitan Police, or Scotland Yard, and the National Crime Agency in Britain, because the suspects were all seemingly based in the United Kingdom.

About the Indian-origin man ranked at the top of the list of suspects, the police report states that he checked in to Cocobay Hotel and ‘initially reported that he was alone but the hotel staff reported subsequently seeing him in the company of a female’ – identified as the other top suspect.

“At 19:43” on May 23,  2021 – the day Choksi went missing – the report states that the two top suspects and one other – a Briton from Essex in England – “left Antigua on an Executive Air charter flight (8P-EAL) and travelled to Dominica”. Documentary evidence in support of this is included in the report.

The report suggests a yacht named Calliope of Arne was the main boat that carried Choksi from Antiguan waters to Dominica – a distance of 188 kilometres. It says:

“On 23/5/21 Calliope of Arne cleared immigration at 09:20hrs but never left because later that afternoon a yachtsman reported seeing about three or four ‘mean looking characters’ aboard the Calliope of Arne still anchored in the harbor. At about 5:00 PM he saw the mast being hoisted slowly which raised his suspicion. After hoisting the mast, the boat sailed further out and began tracking from north to south and south to north continuously until after dusk when it was no longer visible. The witness reports that he did not see the ship the following day or ever since.”

The police report noted that when the yacht cleared immigration, it listed two suspects of Indian extraction ‘as passengers’. One was a British citizen; the other an Indian national. Both, according to their papers, were from Birmingham in England.

The Antigua Police report recorded:

“On 27th May 2021 Mrs Choksi spoke to her husband via telephone in Dominica and according to her, he reported that he was lured to meet (the Hungarian woman suspect) at a Villa #407F on North Finger in Jolly Harbour (in Antigua) with the intention of going to dinner. On arrival at the Villa he was pounced upon by about ten men of Indian and local descent. A hood was placed over his head after he was tied to a wheelchair and gagged and his phone and jewelry taken away. He was then beaten, tased and tortured before being wheeled unto a small boat docked at the back of the villa and taken out where he was transferred to Calliope of Arne. He was continually tortured and electrocuted (sic) along the journey which took him to Dominica on Monday 24th May 2021. On arrival at Portsmouth harbor [in Dominica], a Coast Guard vessel came and he was taken to shore where there were high ranking police officers awaiting who took him into custody. He was accused of entering the country illegally.”

The report then reveals: “On Tuesday 1st June 2021 inquiries led investigators to Villa #407F (Jolly Harbour) which was rented by (the Hungarian woman suspect) from 18th-24th May 2021. On arrival the villa was unoccupied and a forensic search uncovered small amounts of blood spatter and smudges on the living room floor and dining table along with a broken ceramic ornament on the floor indicating a possible struggle.’ Also found was the Hungarian woman suspect’s ‘travel itinerary’.

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