LETTER: APUA needs to do better with those long lines

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Customers wait in line at APUA in 2019/ANR File photo

Dear Editor, 

On 26 September 2022 I went to the APUA at the Village Walk branch to pay my bills. I waited outside for 3 hours just to pay my bills.

When I entered inside, I was in disbelief to see only 2 cashiers were present, I was so upset that when I approached the cashier I was cursing APUA. And what shocked me was the cashier’s response she started to apologize for my wait outside.

She didn’t give me any attitude which I was expecting from her but instead she apologized. She explained to me how many months I had on my bill and why it was disconnected.

The way in which the cashier spoke to me was so calm and pleasant that I started to calm down I asked her name and she said Shannette.

On the 27th day of September I went back to APUA to pay the rest of my balance where I met a next cashier name Leanne who took my payment and told me to carry it to customer service so they could take my information to get it back on .

Leanne was very fast, polite and friendly… then I went to customer service where I met Carla excellent service from all 3 ladies.

I want to let APUA know that these 3 ladies gave me excellent service even with them being short staffed

Thank you ladies i really appreciate your kindness, ( Carla, Shannette and Leanne) however I do believe that APUA needs to hire more cashiers or open up other branches.

APUA Customer