LETTER: A response to J. Truth’s recent post about Asher Otto

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

A response to J. Truth’s recent post about Asher Otto

J. Truth, 

If you hate women, just say so.

You said you’re trying to encourage women to dress like queens but you did so by berating and attacking a woman who you apparently don’t even personally know. If you do know her, it would be quite telling of your character if that’s the best way you sought to approach the matter.

There was nothing “kingly” about your behaviour yet, you think you are able to define a queen. Who in society appointed you as one worthy to define what women should and should not do? Who gave you this moral authority?

The effort you put into women could be spent on discussing the impact of a father not being in a home. What did your father teach you? Did you have a male role model?

Are male role models lacking so we are now in a time where a man can go on social media and beg people INCLUDING women for money and still feels he holds weight in society?

It looks like you have a problem with women and want to use the most base language to control them. Your use of the word “whore” is meant to make women cower to get the approval of an unworthy crowd.

Not every woman shares your beliefs and values but she should be able to live her life in peace without your unsolicited commentary. Do you feel like you are packing more down there after blasting a woman online for clout? There was nothing protective about this. Real men protect AND provide.

And it’s the tired, bottom of the barrel women who want your approval who are the ones who are quick to agree with you choosing to publicly berate the young lady. Some women are mad about women showing their sexuality and bodies because dem pop dung and deep down, if they are honest, are jealous of the attention other women receive. 

If you truly prefer modesty, go ahead and live modestly. No one is stopping you.

Why are you all so mad that other women are not like you? If you truly think your way of dressing and being is superior, you should be happy there are women scantily- clad because you then get a chance to show how virtuous you are and you get a better chance of getting the approval of these low- level men. But the truth is, aryu know aryu nuh look good and have no confidence and aryu bex.


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