I am tired of fighting

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

BY Makeda Mikael


I am tired of fighting.My children have run offAnd my friends have gone awaySome of them have died, and some dying.I am alone, no husband or man to fight for meNo political party to defend me or facilitate me.For the past twenty years I have been in oppositionWith a knee in my neck and a gun to my head most of the time.I want time to go and find my children, hug them and my grand children.I am tired and my heart is sad and sick at having to fight for such a long timeJust because I am a black woman, and should not be occupying lands reserved forWHITESLike Chief ‘Joseph’, “I will fight no more forever”

I have been fighting for more than 20 years as a black woman on Runway 10. As  Antigua’s first Aviation entrepreneur, with 33 years invested in V.C.Bird International Airport, the time has come to part ways with Aviation, as the airport becomes harder and harder to negotiate.

I am removing myself from the front line in Aviation and will concentrate on developing a Sustainable Aviation Fuel Operation for my sons and staff.

As the pioneer of the small aircraft hub and graduating to establishing corporate aviation in Antigua & Eastern Caribbean, it is with a strong heart that I leave Aviation.

I will not be circumscribed by the failure of our authorities to allow a higher level of service provision in response  to global industry demands.