Heroic Rescue at Devil’s Bridge: Captain Andre Martin and Crew Save Drowning Woman (VIDEO)

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

The woman in distress, a guest at a nearby hotel, found herself in a perilous situation in the rough waters of Devil’s Bridge.

Without hesitation, Captain Andre Martin and his dedicated crew, including Gigi and Daniel, sprang into action to avert what could have been a tragic drowning.

Captain Andre Martin received a heartfelt commendation from Julia Lopez, a witness to the dramatic rescue.


In a letter addressed to “our hero,” Lopez expressed gratitude for the “experience of a lifetime” and praised the captain’s courage, strength, and professionalism. The letter highlighted the seamless coordination of the crew in averting a potential catastrophe and saving the woman without additional injuries.

Lopez’s commendation will be shared with everyone concerned at The Verandah Antigua Resort and Monarc.ca, acknowledging the exceptional efforts of Captain Andre Martin and his crew.

In response to the commendation, Captain Andre Martin expressed humility and gratitude.

Captain Martin confirmed rescuing the woman and expressed disbelief at recent events at Devil’s Bridge. He said the woman expressed gratitude and is thankful to be alive.

The heroic rescue serves as a reminder of the importance of skilled and dedicated individuals like Captain Andre Martin and his crew in ensuring the safety of those enjoying the beautiful waters surrounding Devil’s Bridge. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATS APP GROUP