Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG Cut Video After Baby Started Crying

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DDG scrambled to cut the camera after a baby was heard crying in the background following rumors Halle Bailey had given birth.

DDG is not just a rapper, but also a successful YouTuber whose everyday activities have been shared with his fans online and even so often fans get to see the ins of his relationship with actress Halle Bailey.

The artists are suspected to be new parents this week after Halle appeared for the first time in months, showing off her flat stomach. Fans also think DDG gave a hint when he posted messages of gratitude on Christmas Eve, leading them to believe the baby was here.

“Life is amazing,” DDG wrote in one tweet.

DDG also addressed blogs that reported the tweet, writing, “blogs be spinnin narratives like a mf lol.. i fw the hustle tho i get it.”

A baby could be heard crying in the background in a new video of the family’s Christmas celebration. However, DDG’s reaction had fans convinced that he and Halle had the baby but were keeping it secret from the rest of the world. In the video, someone is seen opening gifts, and a baby cries. DDG is also heard shouting out, “cut cut cut.”

Fans also reacted to the video, questioning why the couple were not confirming or denying that they had a baby.

“He talking about “cut cut cut” nah it’s tooo late bookies we heard congratulations,” one person commented on Instagram. “That baby said “it’s me y’all” lol,” another person said. “That baby said yall not bout to hide me from the world that’s a Capricorn for you,” another added.

Some folks also pointed out that a newborn baby’s cry is strikingly different from a baby who is several weeks old crying.

Days ago, another snippet was shared showing Halle and DDG making cookies. However, fans noticed a difference in her movement and appearance, as many suggested that the careful way she got up indicated that she had recently given birth. At the same time, her breasts also appeared to be post-pregnancy boobs that were nursing a baby.

Despite the speculation, the couple has not addressed the rumors. Many fans also speculated that Halle’s Disney deal could be in jeopardy, so she isn’t revealing the baby.