Haiti police riot after crime gangs kill 14 officers

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

In October 2022, the Henry government appealed to the international community for a multi-national security force to help restore order – but the call has so far gone unanswered, despite some increased aid from the US and Canada.

Armed groups control and terrorise at least 60% of the capital and its surroundings, according to Haitian human rights groups, and are controlling the roads in and out of the city.

Last September, gangs seized a major fuel depot in Port-au-Prince’s port, blocking the delivery of imported fuel and hampering efforts to distribute food and medicines.

The blockade forced many businesses to close and complicated the distribution of petrol and bottled drinking water, all while a cholera outbreak worsened.

The UN envoy to Haiti, Helen La Lime, said on Wednesday that “the situation in Haiti is grave”.

“You know that gang-driven violence has reached new heights. On average, we face one kidnapping every six hours in 2022.

“We will not win the fight without significant levels of additional support,” Ms La Lime said.