Fort James Plant up and running, expected to supply over half a million gallons of water daily

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Residents across Antigua and Barbuda can look forward to an extra 500,000 gallons of potable water being added to the everyday supply of 7 million gallons following the commissioning of the new reverse osmosis plant at Fort James Beach.

Observer media did a walk through of the facility on Friday along with Minister of Public Utilities Sir Robin Yearwood and other top officials in the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) Water Department.

Although the civil work at the plant has not yet been fully completed along with the construction of the two main water storage units, operations at the plant are already up and running with villagers in the surrounding communities of Villa, Yorks, Fort Road, McKinnons, Point and other areas expected to be receiving water daily.

For those who may not have been getting water over the past few days, APUA’s Water Business Unit’s Manager, Ian Lewis explained that the plant had been off — due to a maintenance issue — but it is now back up and pumping water.

Lewis further explained that although the two water storage units are not yet finished, technicians have set up a temporary solution, as a smaller tank is being used until the two units are complete.

When those tanks are completed, they are each expected to hold over 200,000 gallons of purified water.

Antigua and Barbuda’s long-standing inadequate supply of running water has been well documented, and many residents will be hoping the new facility will improve the situation.

In fact, Minister Yearwood expressed his delight over the plant, adding that there is still some more work to be done to address the water issue in the country.-OBSERVER