Ethiopian Airlines For The Mid-Atlantic Caribbean Route?

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Ethiopian Airlines For The Mid-Atlantic Caribbean Route?

By Makeda Mikael

Three days ago an Ethiopian Airlines jet arrived in Barbados from Lagos carrying delegates to the first ever AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum (ATFI2022). “During the 1 to 3 day conference, officials are expected to discuss the possibility of having the direct flight from Lagos to Bridgetown on a regular basis” so states Barbados today.

Ethiopian Airlines was founded on December 30, 1945 by Emperor Haile Selassie with assistance from TWA, considered in those days the best US Airline, establishing a foundation of safety and excellence which it has maintained to this day. With a fleet of 134 aircraft, Ethiopian Airlines would clearly be the best choice of carrier to link the Caribbean and Africa. The cooperation of the islands of the Caribbean is necessary if the mid-Atlantic Caribbean route is to lift-off safely, and in an efficient and enduring manner.

The recent debacle with the Heads of Government of Barbados, St. Vincent and Antigua in the downing of LIAT 1974 Ltd. is brought to mind as we now watch Marvelous Mike, the Nigerian publisher turned Aviation entrepreneur backed by Antigua, while Barbados is now in the position to present the globally respected Airline of Ethiopia. Will the Caribbean heads pull together in a principled approach to this opportunity to reverse the Middle Passage four hundred years after their abduction from Africa and enslavement?

Recent international news reports on the hard currency shortage in Nigeria will most likely condition the budget of any new carrier which attempt to take off in these times, especially if it under-managed. It makes sense for Antigua to jump on board early with the Barbados Mid-Atlantic route so that we do not find ourselves making a spectacle of division like the LIAT fiasco.

A proactive approach by Antigua to connect with the Barbados leaders of this new aviation thrust, even introducing the financially endowed printers of Nigeria to the possibility of chartering Ethiopian Airlines aircraft. The entire operation could well be outsourced to Ethiopian Airlines, with a build-in to incorporate LIAT and Caribbean Airlines to bring into effect a consortium of AfriCaribbean Airlines into joyfully reversing the Middle Passage as our part of the Global Reset.