Erica Mena Fired From ‘Hush’ TV Show For Calling Spice ‘Monkey’ On LHHATL

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Erica Mena fallout from calling Spice a ‘monkey’ on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta continues this weekend with another show, Hush, cutting ties with her.

The actress, who plays Gina Rodriguez on the ALLBLK TV drama series, will not be returning to the show for future seasons but will appear in the new season set to be aired later this year since they already filmed the entire season.

“We do not condone Erica Mena’s recent reprehensible comment,” Hush said in a statement shared on social media. “She will be featured in the upcoming season of Hush, set to premiere later this year, as production was completed months ago, but in the event of additional seasons she will not be part of the cast.”

The move comes a week after the producers of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta announced that Erica Mena will not be returning to the show for the next season set for next year. Mena also did not accompany the cast to their trip to the Bahamas, which was aired on this week’s episode, and it remains unclear if she will appear in the upcoming Love and Hip Hop: Reunion episode.

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Hush is currently in its second season on AMC’s ALLBLK channel, which caters to only black content, as the name suggests. Relationship coach Dr. Draya Logan is the main protagonist in the TV series and is played by Joyful Drake.

Erica Mena has yet to apologize for calling her fellow costar Spice a “Blue Monkey” during a heated confrontation while having lunch with Shekinah. The Love and Hip Hop franchise also received some backlash for airing the incident in an episode despite it being filmed months ago. Some fans believed the show aired it because they knew it could bump up their ratings. The show’s producers have not responded to the blowback.

Erica Mena also has roles in other television productions on Tubi that are under scrutiny by some viewers who found her comment towards Spice offensive. So far, non of those shows have made any statements on her conduct on Love and Hip Hop.

In the meantime, Spice is also dealing with some blowback from her part in the incident as some fans take her to task for mentioning Erica Mena’s son, ultimately triggering Mena to flip and the table over. She also catches some heat for calling her costar Bambi a ‘giraffe.’

The Jamaican artist denies mentioning anything bad about her son and questioned if it’s ever okay to hurl racist comments purely out of anger.

“I am not being ignorant, I am not playing victim, and I am taking full accountability because you are said I experienced racism because I triggered. Is that a new thing now in 2023, it’s ok to receive racism as long as you’re angry?” Spice questioned.