‘Elvis’ Movie Actor Alton Mason And Model Tanyka Renee Seen Enjoying Antigua’s Carnival 2022

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Elvis’ movie actor Alton Mason (center) and social media maven and model Tanyka Renee Henry (far right) were spotted partying with friends in Antigua during Antigua’s Carnival (Photo credits Watkins Multimedia)

After a two-year break, Antigua’s Carnival returned this summer with all its vibrancy and energy to the delight of carnival-lovers who immersed themselves in the carnival atmosphere of the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival held from July 27 – August 2, 2022.

Amongst the masqueraders spotted on Carnival Monday dancing to soca and steelpan music under the summer sun were American male model and 2022 ‘Elvis’ biopic actor Alton Mason and social media maven, travel influencer and model Tanyka Renee Henry.

The duo was seen enjoying themselves with friends in the mas’ band Insane Carnival.

The group had such a great time on Carnival Monday that they returned on Carnival Tuesday for the costume parade.

Alton who portrays musical icon Little Richard in the 2022 ‘Elvis’ film wore a golden costume and was seen showing off his stealth dance moves as his feet sparkled in diamond studded boots.

In what could only be considered a masterpiece, Tanyka Renee stood out from the sea of masqueraders in a headliner costume from the Insane section ‘Milan’ drawing nods of approval from spectators.

Their entire group was seen having an amazing day as they glistened in sparkling gold and glamorous white feathered costumes and weaved their way through the bustling streets of St. John’s – a kaleidoscope of colour and energy with partying masqueraders and spectators.

The influencers were also spotted on social media enjoying themselves throughout Antigua. Instagram posts from Dr. Hakim Dubois @Iammisternewyork, allowed viewers to follow the group as they relaxed on a sunset cruise along Antigua’s scenic coastline.

The group enjoyed a zipline adventure through Antigua’s lush rainforest and learned how to make one of Antigua and Barbuda’s popular national dishes ducana, during a local cooking class hosted by friend @Iammisternewyork. Recent posts also show Alton and Tanyka at one of the island’s newest restaurants Rokuni.