Don’t worry, by the next general election all cost cutting measures will be reversed and duty-free will be restored

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The PM’s Election Charade – A Theatrical Tale

Dear Editor,

Although Gaston Browne would not dare call an election anytime soon, it seems our Prime Minister is rehearsing his own political rendition of “Generosity: The Musical.”

Brace yourselves for a dazzling performance where cost-cutting measures take a final bow, and taxes do the Cha-Cha back to their original 15 percent!

Picture this: duty-free on imports struts back into the spotlight, taxes on alcohol decide to take a sip of humility, and stalled community projects shake off their cobwebs, ready for an encore.

But before we break into applause, let’s not forget to read between the lines of this carefully choreographed political ballet.

Our PM will throw an economic fiesta just before the election, complete with confetti made of salary increases and promises to reignite community projects.

It’s a political magic trick – making problems disappear with the wave of an election wand.

One might wonder if our esteemed leader has a crystal ball predicting the exact moment when financial prudence and responsible governance should take a temporary intermission.

It’s almost Shakespearean: “To cut costs or not to cut costs, that is the election-year question!”

These grand gestures are not a sudden conversion to fiscal responsibility; they are more like a political game of Twister – contorting principles for the sake of securing votes.

The citizens, unknowing players in this theatrical production, are invited to dance along as the PM tries to tango his way to victory.

So, dear readers, let’s enjoy the spectacle, but let’s not be fooled by the dazzling lights and catchy tunes.

As we cheer for the return of duty-free and the reduced taxes on alcohol, let’s remember that these are not acts of benevolence but carefully scripted scenes in the drama of election-year politics.

In the spirit of the theatre, let’s demand a plot twist that includes genuine, sustained efforts to address the nation’s challenges, rather than a short-term spectacle designed to sway our votes.

After all, this isn’t just an election; it’s a blockbuster production, and we, the audience, deserve a plot that goes beyond the final act of the ballot box.

Curtains up, Antigua and Barbuda – it’s showtime!

Sincerely- Mr. Test Tickles

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