Destruction Of The Poor Is Poverty

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Destruction Of The Poor Is Poverty

By Makeda Mikael

Antigua people are by far some of the most elegant poor you will find in the Caribbean. In the most terrible times our people refuse to beg, even the crackheads in the days of Golden Peanut on High Street preferred to trade a kick in the rear for a small change, rather than beg.

Taking money in exchange for a kick, how low can ‘they’ get would be the cry, but going a little beyond the act is the unwillingness of the poor and rejected to take anything for free. Gone are those days.

The wave of petty crimes carried out with guns, knives and machetes in our country in these days is a cultural breach, brought on by extreme poverty of the poorest in our society; nobody cares because those who are elected to care are also destroyed, because, ‘the destruction of the soul is vanity’ and their souls are dead.

We don’t know and are afraid to know, just who are the persons committing these crimes, breaking into schools, churches, daycare centers, homes of women living alone, women walking alone, and even schoolchildren cannot grow up in peace unmolested.

The mystery of the church and the altar have all been desecrated and rendered powerless! And as the Nigerian author Chinua Achebe wrote, ‘things fall apart!’

When things fall apart, it begins with the destruction of the poor who are the first to lose their inconsequential jobs, the first to lose credit, and the first to feel hunger.

The trading of anything and everything is visible all over the dirty smelly city of St. John’s and the outskirts, even the bus drivers and uniformed persons are prepared to exchange their services for some pedophile sexual activity with our children.

Much of this is brought on by poverty as culture cracks, and the destruction of the soul begins.

All vanity, all is vanity in the destruction of the soul! In our daily call to worship of the elusive dollar, the need to survive demands we and our families eat.

The poor also need to eat! Everyone knows how the rich eat, they live on the hills, drive their expensive cars, they have maids and other inconsequential helpers, all subject to exile on the breadline for the smallest infraction.

The rich and powerful in Antigua have destroyed their souls by the vanity of their existence, and their program of destruction, while ignoring the needs of the poor.

Poverty encourages crime, and successful crime establishes gangs, and even though Antiguan semi-gang members have elevated themselves through politics, there is a ruthless, angry youth developing from the scum of poverty, heartless, clearly destructive, both male with crime and young women with promiscuity. I

f these young people are not saved, the total destruction of their souls will definitely cause abject poverty and destruction like Haiti.