Demarco Channels Elephant Man & Siri In Shane O Diss Track “S.O.R”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Demarco is not letting up on his beef with Shane O as he responded with another diss track aimed at the “Dark Room” deejay on Tuesday and sent shots to Renee 6:30 in response to her dissing her over being in her “stocking”. The dancehall deejay/producer channels Elephant Man while sampling the Energy God’s hit “Watchie Pum,” while also using Apple’s Siri to inject a few lines.

Demarco is currently in a lyrical war with Kyodi, Shane O, Fully Bad, and Renee 6:30, and the artists have been clashing for weeks as they trade disses at each other ahead of Sting’s 40th anniversary later this year.

On Tuesday, the “Puppy Tail” deejay responded with his diss “S.O.R,” directed at Renee, who recently released her latest diss track “Demarsha,” and Shane O, who he said has been rumored to be dating Renee.


“F***ing corny n***a Shane O vex cz we did a f*** the same h*e, yuh lame yo/ Ah who get visa and can’t get a stage show weh we call dem bwoy deh- Shane O/ ah who mi hear have the gal ah sit in dem cane row, weh we call dem bwoy deh- Shane O/ we nuh play tell b**tyboy Shane O we nuh support nuh gay. John Wick step out and make buss out wah day, flush out ah gay, fish a weh every mouth a say/ Siri a weh SOR mean?/ S**k Out Renee,” Demarco deejay.

Skatta Burrell released the verse on Instagram and wrote, “I approve this recording. Shane O your time. Same riddim.”

The song was a sample of Elephant Man’s iconic track “Watchie Pum,” released on the Bellyas riddim by Ward 21 in 1999. The song was one of Elephant Man’s biggest tracks on his album Mentally Disturbed.

What’s interesting about the diss record is that it sounds very similar to Elephant Man’s sound, and many people were initially confused that it was Elephant Man.

In the meantime, the diss track comes a day after Renee 6:30 released her diss track “Demarsha,” which some fans suspect was written by Shane O. The cover photo of the track features Demarco edited in as TV personality Madea.

The two artists have been beefing after Renee claimed she was poorly treated for her contribution to the song “Puppy Tail,” which went viral as a dance in 2014. She specifically claimed that Demarco made excuses not to take her on tour despite her dance helping the song to succeed.

Shane O has also dissed Demarco, saying that he doesn’t like women because of how he treated Renee, leading to them clashing.

In her diss track, Renee 6:30 also hinted that she and Demarco may have been sexually involved as she wrote that she might release a photo of them, something Demarco seems to indicate in his latest diss track.

“UH KNOW WEH S.O.R MEAN? @skattaburrell AUTHORIZE IT OUT NOW!!!! @shaneo876_world_balla_ ROSHAIN YUH LABEL STAIN,” Demarco wrote on his Instagram.

He is the latest artiste to reprise an old but not iconic dancehall riddim since Rvssian began allowing artists to sample his “Go Go Club” riddim last weekend.