COMMENTARY: Organizational ‘Hell’ Of John Pelle Steadfast – Unrewarded – Undeterred

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room


Through natural causes, a veteran law enforcer, ‘John Pelle 61, has been transitioned to  eternal rest. That which shall be remembered are; (i) ‘He was born for a purpose; (ii) He lived for one purpose; Faithfully served that purpose; and (iii) Undeniably and untiringly, he died serving that purpose.’ That ‘purpose’ was ‘Law Enforcement.’ Shackled to the rank of ‘Senior Sergeant,’ he saw the incompetent became his superiors and supervisors. Yet, he remained ‘Steadfast; Unrewarded and Undeterred.’


Dedication; (i) To bereaved families; (ii) Victimized rank-and-file members; (iii) To the ever accessible, reliable and  scripturally resourceful and guidingly helpful, ‘Bishop Charlesworth Browne;’ and (iv) Retired Commissioner Alvin Goodwin QPM, OM; (v) Retired Deputy Commissioner, Joseph Hughes; (vi) Attorneys: Charlesworth Tabor; (vii) Wendell Robinson; and (viii) Lawrence Daniels. ’


For ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’ the ‘Lord,’ knowing that he had served the nation for over 43-years, sent ‘Deliverance’ through a ‘Softly-voiced Angel.’ Persuasively and gently, the ‘Angel’ urged and assured him; ‘Do not allow that which the environment and the ‘Police Service Commission’ have done to you, dampen your spirit; …Given its composition, there was nothing else left to be achieved; …Do not let it rattle you; …Trust God; …Come home to Glory.’ The ‘Lord’ awaits your Soul; …Do not risk ‘Hell Fire.’


These discussions, extended to the wider society, focused, not only on the loyalty, ‘Devotion to Duty’ and commitment to the ‘Police Service,’ of (i) ‘Corporal Clifton Common; and (ii) Senior Sergeant John Pelle, but also their achievements during their ‘Law enforcement’ career. While these noble officers remained in those ranks, and served until their demise, given;  (a) ‘The intervening environmental influences; (b) Organizational behavior; and (c) Attitude of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ the deceased had no way of escaping their ‘Victimizing Wrath’ of certain members on the ‘Commission.’


There were no conversations, neither with past, nor the ‘actively-serving Commissioner.’ Thus, the contents do not necessarily reflect his personal or official views, nor the membership of the ‘Police and Fire Services.’ Those under the ‘Perishing Wrath of Victimization,’ may so adopt. Even so, given his administrative predicament, ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ reading this commentary, shall be reminded of some developments within the ‘Police Service.’


This commentary speaks to the horrible Experiences of; (i) ‘Inspector Raymond Kirwan 60 [Service:1976 – 2017]; (ii) Corporal Clifton Common 51 [1992-2021]; (iii) and Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61 [Service:1980-2024],’ Some information, factual, but might be distressing. This is the juncture, where this paragraph has been dedicated to ‘former Commissioner of Police, Vere Browne’ for his firmness and decisiveness in attempting to eliminate ‘Fraudulent Conduct’ in his subordinates. Much more than the author, he is professionally and administratively-better positioned to say, if any former Subordinates, now hold positions on the august body called the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’


Likened to a spark that had ignited into a ‘Fiery Flame,’ the deaths of; (i) ‘Corporal Clifton Common; and (ii) Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’ have sparked a flame of disdain. Such became a debate that had turned into an unextinguishable inferno. The demise visited upon these two gentlemanly officers, one ‘Tragically and Untimely,’ while the other expectedly, continue to provoke internal organizational discussions among demoralized and demotivated rank-and-file members.


When his ‘Earthly Demise’ visited upon one of the subordinates f ‘Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney QPM,’ ‘Corporal Clifton Common 51,’  it resulted from unexpected ‘Brutal Attack’ on his person. This, as reported, occurred at one of the ‘Police Detention Cells’ at St. John’s Police Station (SJPS).’ Even as it may have been to his knowledge that a detainee, reasonably considered a suspected mentally-deranged male, he was overwhelmed by the sudden rage and violence.


As he reportedly sought to allow for the suspected  detainee to respond to  ‘Calls of Nature.’ Upon opening the metal door, he was alleged to have been; (a) ‘Violently flattered to the floor, (b) Repeatedly stamped upon; and (c)  Mercilessly pummeled into unconsciousness.’ Left with blood profusely flowing from his mouth; nose and ears, whether or not ‘Holy,’ he gave up the ‘Ghost.’ Unresponsive and defenceless, the suspected ‘Mad Detainee,’ snuffed out the life of ‘Corporal Clifton Common’ [Observer Media; February 13, 2021].


The ‘Lord’ saw apathy and animosity, as guiding their behavior. He saw hearts filled with evil and saturated with vengeance. The ‘Lord’ said; ‘Though wicked men and evil women have stood in the way of progress; you shall leave them in their iniquities.’ Guiding the thoughts of ‘John Pelle’ of a better place where there was no pain or sorrow, ‘an Assuring Voice’ was heard saying; ‘…In my Father’s House, are many mansions; …My Father wants you to be with ‘Him:’ …He has prepared a room for you; …Come home, John; …Come home’ [KJV: John: 14: 1-3]. Then death visited upon ‘John Pelle.’ His breath, was finally taken away. He gave up the ghost’ [ANR: January 7, 2024].


Instructively, with a tenure of some 7-decades, both ‘Corporal Clifton Common (29-years) and Senior Sergeant John Pelle (43-years),’ may have been provided functional opportunities to be elevated to ‘Ranks of Respectability.’ They have been transitioned with broken hearts. They have been subjected to horrible organizational treatment. Both have silently cried. The only person to have seen their weeping was  the ‘Lord.’ He beckoned the ‘Senior Sergeant,’ saying; ‘…John, this world is not your home.’


The deceased, ‘John Pelle’s 43-years’ of faithful service in the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB),’ was second to none. Though not necessarily in a qualitative sense, it had eclipsed the service of even ‘Sir Wright Fitzhenly George 60: KCN, MVO, QPM, CPM’ (39-years).  While he achieved 3-lowly-ranks of; (i) ‘Corporal;  (ii) Sergeant; and (iii) Senior Sergeant,’ he held no aught against those that have victimized or discriminated against him. These ranks were neither due to ‘God Fatherism,’ nor ‘God Motherism.’


That which he, likened to many others, had to contend with were the ‘Organizational Plagues’ of;’ (a) ‘Cronyism; (b) Nepotism; and (c) Insularity. These were abhorred influences, currently said to have been the internal practices  within (i) The Police and Fire Services; and (ii) The Police Service Commission (PSC). These were known to have demoralized rank-and-file members. ’ In fact, the only ‘God-Fathers and God-Mothers,’ he did not then know, were those attending his ‘Christening.’


This was when the ‘Spiritual Minister’ announced to the congregants his parents-given ‘Christian names; (i) ‘John.’ Had he seen the ‘Light’ then. Had he been observant, he may not have enlisted in anything with people with the ‘Christian names; (i) ‘Claudette; (ii) Cosmas; and James (CCJ).’ These, in the persona of former ‘Law enforcers,’ were individuals to whom ‘deceased; (i) ‘Raymond Kirwan; (ii) John Pelle and (iii) Clifton Common’ were subordinate.’ At the time of their demise, the ‘CCJ,’ held membership on the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’


Had, ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney 61, QPM,’ been mindful, his faithful subordinates; (i) ‘Corporal Clifton Common 51; and (ii) Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61, may have been justly elevated at least, to the coveted rank of ‘Inspector.’ Instructively, consequent upon their tragic demise, the ‘Commissioner’ became ‘Sentimentally Mindful.’ In language ‘Bordering Hypocrisy,’ he described the former as: ‘A very good public relations type of officer; He was very dependable and reliable’ [Observer Media: February 13, 2021].


The latter, at a clearly ‘Farcical Medal Ceremony’ in commemoration of ‘40+Years of Service’ was awarded a ‘Medal for Meritorious Service’ [Real News: November 5, 2021]. Ironically, he was caused to be dressed in the ‘No.2 Inspectorate Uniform.’ This, undoubtedly, may have mislead the ‘Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams GCMG, KGN, MBBS’ who presented the ‘Meritorious Medal,’ believing that the recipient was an ‘Inspector of Police.’


The membership of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ has not only been accused of demotivating and demoralizing personnel of every rank, but were also accused of depriving personnel of the ‘Police and Fire Services’ of ‘Opportunities for Advancement.’ Then there was the ‘;Vexed Issue’ of deprivation of the coveted and prestigious ‘Queen’s Police Medal (QPM).’ The ‘Vexed Questions’ were; (i) ‘What Commissioner of Police shall not have made a case for his actively-serving subordinates to be so awarded in preference to the ‘Medal Jostlers’ on the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC)? (ii) Was the ‘Chairman’ of the ‘PSC,’ the influencer in making representation to the ‘Deceased Queen?’


Speaking to ‘Medal,’ it shall be known that the ‘Queen’s Police Medal (QPM);’ (i) ‘Was duly and properly bestowed upon ‘Retired Deputy Commissioner, James Hill QPM.’ He was so accorded while on active Law enforcement service’ [2004]; Then (ii) there was the historic and prestigious ‘King’s Police Medal Award,’ properly and legitimately bestowed upon currently-serving member, ‘Assistant Superintendent of Police Dale Mercury KPM.’ In his ‘37-years on active Law enforcement and ‘Aide-de-camp Services,’ to ‘Her/His Majesty. He has demonstrated a deep commitment and devotion to duty, and has acquitted himself exceedingly well.


The bestowal speaks to ‘Meritorious Services’ to Law enforcement and Her/His Majesty’s Representative, Governor General, His Excellency Sir Rodney Errey Lawrence Williams, GCMG, KGN, MBBS.’ His Excellency, may have committed two ‘Treasonous Acts,’ when seemingly, without ‘Grace,’ he may have been environmentally-influence to bestow  two ‘Queen’s Police Medals (QPM) upon two members of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ embarrassingly, long after ‘Her Majesty’s Demise and Royal Burial’ [January 5 and 7, 2023].


The deceased, ‘John Pelle,’ recipient of a ‘Worthless Medal’ was ‘Improperly Dressed.’ Since his substantive rank was in fact a ‘Senior Sergeant,’ this is the rank he shall now be embarrassingly laid to rest. That which a ‘Commissioner and Police Service Commission,’ shall have known, was that which ‘Sweetens Labor.’ It has never been’ ‘Worthless Medals’ and ‘Empty Sentiments.’ Thus, elevation to the rank of ‘Inspector’ may have been more appropriate; more rewarding and more appreciated, immediately, thereafter.


The deceased, and now, his bereaved family, loved ones, friends and colleagues, have nothing to ‘Shout and Sing’ about. It begs the fundamental question; ‘Was it right, fair and just’ that two members on the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC,’ shall have been bestowed the ‘Queen’s Police Medals (QPM),’ when not being active members of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ given their retirement, more than two decades ago?’ Sir Wilfred; Papa; George Walter and Lester,’ answered; ‘Only over our dead bodies.’ Incidentally, ‘Sir James,’ very much alive and alert, was not prompted to provide an answer.


Taking the research outside of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ primarily to extract ‘Impressions on the ‘Dead and Living,’ expressing more sincerity for ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’ ‘Retired Judge, His Lordship, Justice Keith Thom’ observed; ‘…He was a people, and service-oriented Police officer; …He extracted no personal benefits for services rendered.’ Extending the research to the ‘Living,’ likened to many other serving members, a grave injustice was reportedly done to ‘Senior Detective, Inspector Theodore Horne.’


Though the ‘Retired Justice,’ has guided his observations away from injustice, he focused only on his performance. The eminent Justice observed; ‘…He appeared before the Court on several occasions; …The  Court was highly impressed with the way he gave evidence; …He was truthful, and under ‘Cross Examination,’ he maintained a calm composure’ [January 12, 2024]. What else does the membership of the ‘Police Service Commission’ require of the competent and hard-working members of the Police and Fire Services?’


This coming ‘Wednesday, January 31, 2024,’ as the ‘Good Lord’ continues to extend mercies to the faithful members of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ scores of colleagues shall pay their ‘Final Respects’ to a fallen colleague. This is the day that ‘Senior Sergeant, John Pelle 61,’ with a ‘Service Record of 43-years,’ he had served more faithfully, than any individual member on the ‘Police Service Commission. In spite of his ‘Organizational Hell,’ he found no difficulties in discharging his responsibilities, or in functioning at optimal capacity.


The membership of the ‘Police Service Commission,’ will be assembled with mourners and congregants of the St. John’s, Nevis Street ‘Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA).’ They may not be regarded as sympathizers, but as ‘Victimizing Hypocrites.’ They shall be remembered as being among the half-dominated membership of ‘Police Retirees’ on the ‘Commission.’ They shall also be remembered for depriving ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle’ of opportunities to be elevated at least, to the ‘Inspectorate Rank.’


Instead, as has been the case of many, they have left in the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ they were not sufficiently recognized, nor rewarded. Those that respected him not; acknowledged him not for his loyalty, dignity and worth; Treated him with ‘Victimizing Contempt,’ shall contend with his ‘Spirit.’ Even when his remains got under way to the ‘St. John’s Public Cemetery,’ They shall be mindful not to antagonize, nor aggravate the ‘Spirit of John Pelle.’


His spirit shall be with his family; his loved ones; his friends; his colleagues, and those that have been there for him in ‘Grace and Truth.’ There shall be more grief in the hearts of the ‘wicked,’ than of tears welling-up in their eyes. As the cortege and remains processioned from the ‘Lord’s Sanctuary’ to the cemetery, they shall be cautioned that their ‘Evil Presence’ may likely provoke his ‘Spirit’ into ‘Tormenting Wrath.’ They shall repent and pray, that all evils be removed from their hearts.


They shall know that though deceased, the grave shall not contain him. Called upon to part earthly companionship,’ a ‘Cortege’ that shall include; (i) ‘The Bearers- Cap and Flag-draped casket; (ii) Firing party; and (iii) Mourning Party,’ those that have humiliated and victimized ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’ shall be reserved seats according to their positions on the ‘Police Service Commission ‘(PSC),’ where they shall steadfastly look at his ‘Casket.’


They would be playing ‘Russian Roulet’ with their own ‘Salvation.’ The ‘Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC),’ and its membership, shall be seated with full view of the open casket. Though they may sing and rejoice over his ‘Call to Glory,’ there will be no acknowledgement from the hypocrites. They shall remember; (a) ‘John Pelle’s allegiance and loyalty; (b) His ‘Call of Duty;’ and (b) His Commitment.’  His dedication and devotion to duty with a ‘Service Record of 43-years-1981-2024,’ speak volume. Should the membership continue to receive the ‘Lord’s Blessings’ with evilness in their hearts?’


His 43-year-tenure, in a dual-capacity, was to be of service to the nation and people. Firstly, as; (i) ‘A faithful Law enforcer; and (ii) A dedicated Immigration officer.’ Even as he remained steadfast in his desire to serve, there has been little ‘Opportunities for Advancement.’ That which may have been denied to him, had been availed of by his superiors. He had seen colleagues catapulted to, and above the rank of ‘Inspectors.’ The case of ‘Rapid Promotion,’ for ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ makes the point.


It has shown that while he was obviously ‘Deprived or Denied, of opportunities for his personal advancement through the ranks, personnel with less service, were provided opportunities for their elevation to higher ranks. Instructively, while ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney 61, QPM’ was elevated from; (i) ‘The Inspectorate rank to; (ii) ‘Superintendent; then to (iii) Deputy Commissioner; then when the  Police Service Commission (PSC) ended the Law enforcement career of then ‘Commissioner of Police, Wendell Robinson,’ he was elevated; (iv) To the rank of Commissioner of Police’[November 25, 2019].


Whether or not it was the ‘Misfortune’ of the then embattled ‘Commissioner,’ well positioned, and environmentally-favored, it became the ‘Fortune’ of ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM.’ Had ‘Senior Sergeant, John Pelle 61,’ been treated differently, then the ‘Service Records’ may have shown comparative progress as his colleagues; (i) ‘Commissioner  Atlee Rodney QPM, 61: (ii) Deputy Commissioner Albert Wade QPM, 61: and (iii) Deputy Commissioner Everton Jeffers 61.’


Before these particular ranks, appeared to have been an identifiable few that may have been ‘Environmentally Favored,’ than for their leadership or managerial skills and professional competence. In spite of retarded progress, the unfortunate ‘John Pelle, appeared strengthened by his ‘Sufferings and Perseverance.’ The conscience of the membership of the ‘Police Service Commissions shall cause them embarrassing guilt.


Looked at from the top-heavy positions,’ it revealed astonishing service information.’ The official records shall show that  ‘John Pelle’ had served for just over ‘4-decades.’ He had earned three promotions from; (i) ‘Constable to Corporal; then (ii) To Sergeant; and finally, to ‘Senior Sergeant.’ There onward, he has been kept in ‘Organizational Miseries.’ The environmentally-selected members on the ‘Police Service Commission, appeared to have completely forgotten him.


That which appeared to have been exacted upon ‘John Pelle,’ might be seen from the progress made by  other rank-and-file members with less Service than himself. The personnel referred hereunder, had a ‘Longevity of Service,’ less than that of of  Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61.’ Without  apathy, animosity and enmity toward those that fortuitously became his superiors, a short list has shown members with no exceptional or greater knowledge’ over him. That which he had over them was a ‘Steely Resolve’ to serve.


The others he had also ‘Seniored in Service’ that became his superiors, included; (i) Assistant Commissioner Desmond Dinard 62; (ii) Assistant Commissioner Clifton Cabral 61: (iii) Assistant Commissioner Vivian Parker 59; (iv) Assistant Commissioner Samuel Joseph 57; and (v) Assistant Commissioner Roland Cuffy 54.’ Called to the test, the now deceased ‘Senior Sergeant’ was knowledgeably-positioned to guide many of his superiors through ‘Criminal Investigations.’


Now, except other interventions,’ these officers have the option to serve until they have attained the ‘New Mandatory Retirement Age of 65-years.’ Many saw it as a ‘God-Send’ to serve for an additional ‘5-years.’ Should these officers decide to continue, it seems inevitable that the progress of subordinates was most likely to be  further stymied. Many have seen disillusionment; frustration; and disappointment for the next seven years.


Though rank-and-file members have no such wish, it could be sooner as in the case of the early transition of; (i) ‘Inspector Raymond Kirwan 60.’ and (ii) Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61.’ Only ‘Divine Intervention,’ may delay the Inescapable Visitation’ on those that believed they shall go to their graves wearing their boots.’ Even so, barring an ‘Undivine Intervention,’ easy math suggests that at least ‘4 officers shall attain the ‘Mandatory Age of Retirement of 65-years.’


This shall come upon them in four years’ time. The annals of history, shall reflect his dual-capacity services in; (i) ‘Law enforcement; and (ii) Immigration’ [1981- 2024]. Even with ‘Crocodile Tears,’  members of the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ shall pray for their ‘Earthly Transgressions.’ Paying final respects, they shall not look at his face. They shall squirm when the name ‘John Pelle’ was called.


Incidentally; (i) ‘Retired Inspector Raymond Kirwan 60,’ died immediately upon retirement. He received not even ‘one month’s pension. Conversely; (ii) ‘Corporal Clifton Common 51,’ succumbed to a ‘Violent Attack’ by a ‘suspected mentally-deranged detainee.’ He died in a ‘Police Detention Cell’ [Observer Media: February13, 2021]. ‘The ‘Lord’ saw their enduring organizational struggles, and thus, ended their ‘Earthly Miseries.’


As career Police officers, the entire membership of both ‘Police and Fire Services’ were well-positioned to observed the vindictiveness exacted upon them, by the membership of ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’ They shall quietly ask themselves; ‘As a committed member,  ‘Should we not have treated him more fairly and justly?’ They may say; ‘…Almighty Father, …We have committed sinful deeds against him; …We have shortened the ‘Glory’ you have for us …John Pelle’s spirit has been haunting us; …We asked ‘Thy’ forgiveness of the evils we have knowingly and collectively perpetrated against him.’


The  ‘Longevity of Service,’ shall  not cause ‘Organizational Bereavement.’ You are not alone. The other actively serving members, that may also have been disadvantaged by the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ shall also be delivered from their ‘Iniquitous spells.’ These officers have also demonstrated unquestionable allegiance; and unwavering loyalty. The discernible and irrefutable facts, contained herein of the averaged-age ‘Ranking.’ What shall ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM,’ explain to rank-and-file members, since he, with ‘Service Record of 37-years,’ was appointed to the rank of ‘Commissioner of Police’ [November 25, 2019].


Ensuring that he came just as he was, the ‘Lord’ said; ‘…Were there, three other people on the ‘PSC,’ that possess the ‘Reason and Conscience’ of ‘James Hill,’ positionally, you would have been promoted to the ‘Inspectorate’ and/or the ‘Gazetted Ranks.’ The ‘Lord’ saw that whatever ‘Commission; Omission; or Mission,’ his former superiors may have been on, these were among the evilest of people that have, either; (i) ‘Mandatorily Retired; or (ii) Suspended into retirement.’


Taken through its appropriate courses, officers ‘Suspended into Retirement,’  for conduct bordering criminality, and liable to prosecution before; (a) ‘Judge and Jury; or if proceeded disciplinarily, then (b) Before a ‘Police Service Commission tribunal.’ Consequent upon the corruptible influences of the environment, some members, possessing no ‘Moral Authority,’ have been positioned to; (i) ‘Victimize ‘Police and Fire Services’ personnel; (ii) Retard professional progress; (iii) Deny reasonable expectations of the loyal, faithful and honest officers; then (iv) Jostled the actively-serving members out of contention for the ‘Queen’s Police Medal (QPM).’


The ‘Organizational Treatment,’ dished out to ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61,’ speaks to oppression and retardation of progress. As funeral arrangements were under way, and the final ‘Bell’ shall toll, many will be following; They shall know that their numbers worth ‘No Praises’ to the dead; Their singing symbolizes no heart-warming gesture; No matter how joyous they sing and melodious their voices,’ they have left the hearts of families throbbing and, in excruciating pain.’


Their actions speak to ‘Oppressive Wickedness.’ They are despised for the evils, alleged to have been perpetrated against him; Their wreaths have no meaning. Their sentiments are received with disdain; For they bring no solace and no joy. Neither to foe, loved ones, friends nor family, their presence shall inspire no pleasure; As his lifeless body rested quietly in the casket, even as they may look at his face, they shall not look into his eyes.


Their hypocrisy will be troubling. It shall eliminate no sorrow and eases no grief; Their final salute, shall enter not into his brain; They shall not see his ever-smiling face gain; They have not stolen his human dignity and worth; Though the earth remains stable, their bodies shall quake non-stop into everlasting darkness; Their ‘Liver’ shall ‘Shrivel’ and rolled into the shape of a ‘Tennis Ball.’


These are among the things the deceased will not know; (i) ‘The deliveries of sentiments and tributes, pregnant with hypocrisy; (ii) For his services to the nation, the ‘Bugler’ blowing the ‘Last Post; (iii) The Mourning armed party with heads solemnly bowed over their guns; and (iv) The blowing of the ‘Reveille’ to wake them up. Even so, the final gun salute will be attached no value, intrinsic, or otherwise. These shall bear no memorable value, neither to the deceased nor his family.’


Likened to a flash of lightning, they will all pass. Eventually, they shall enter into the ‘Dark Recesses’ of the mind. Though they may linger in the living,’ they shall all descend into oblivion. For the treatment dished out to John Pelle; ‘Satan’ welcomes evildoers, and is impatiently awaiting with a piercing dagger to penetrate deep into their evil hearts; They shall remorsefully repent for their iniquitous, victimizing and discriminatory acts, before the name- ‘John Pelle’ is ‘Called Up Yonder.’


Their imaginations shall bring before their eyes their ‘Evil Machinations.’ Whatever they are, when the ‘Bells toll,’ they shall be interred with their bones. Amazingly, if not outrageously after ’29-Years of ‘Police Service;’ and into 25-years in retirement,’ current members on the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC),’ were made recipients of the ‘Craved Queen’s Police Medal.’  Another had a ‘Longevity Membership’ on the ‘PSC,’ that spanned some 10-years’ [2014].

Such Longevity has the same duration, as one other ‘Retiree’ on the ‘PSC’ membership. This member, identified as ‘former Deputy Commissioner James Hill QPM.’ He took his ‘Medal,’ to the Commission.’ From professional knowledge and experience, there must be some serious problems resulting in (i) Demoralization; (ii) Demotivation; (iii) Reward and Award; (iv) Privileges with incentivization benefits, including; (a) Opportunities for advancement; (b) Personal development and professional growth.’


Today, only the ‘Exploitable Commissioner’ may administrate to the whim and fancy of a  domineering ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’ During the tenure of ‘John Pelle,’ the environment appeared not to have been conducive to him achieving and enjoying greater professional success or the bestowal upon himself the prestigious ‘Queen’s Police Medal (QPM),’ reserved only for ‘Serving Police officers’ across the Commonwealth. It was never intended for members of Police Services Commission,’ or any other Commission.


During the course of research, that which was previously administratively known of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ the author’s attention was drawn to organizational ‘Maladies and Plagues,’ said to have negatively impacted the ‘Morale’ of rank-and-file members. Though ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM’ has rejected media suggestion that these Services were ‘rife with sexual harassment,’ while it may not necessarily have reached alarming proportion, it was to official knowledge


There was said to have been tarnished image by certain acts bordering criminality. Though traumatized females were reportedly transferred to different commands, these have reportedly left some three female members traumatized. Compounding these reports, has been the elevation of certain personnel to ranks beyond their professional competencies. These have reportedly caused ‘Emotional Distress’ to the more eligible, competent and deeply committed members.

of its alleged occurrences.


Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’  would have heard the cries of families, loved ones and friends and members of the wider society. Undoubtedly, one such cry may have been; (i) ‘Justice for the ‘reckless Police shootings; and (ii) Extrajudicial, cold-blooded killings of unarmed citizens. Such will have included; ‘Mannie James 45’ [July 31, 2023]. If these speak not to a ‘Police Service’ desperately begging for a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in leadership, management, focus, purpose and direction, then it begs the fundamental question; ‘Just what else is needed?’


Apparently, so demotivated and demoralized, the ‘working-spirit’ of the organizational membership have been ‘Wearied into Absenteeism.’ Their energies have been reportedly sapped, and said to have been in dire ‘Need of Revitalization.’ Seemingly finding escape, depressed personnel have been reportedly seen at road-side bars attempting to drown their frustration in spiritous beverages. Not infrequently, walking gait was said to have been ‘wobbly,’ as the attempt to make their way back to their vehicles.


Law enforcement agencies shall not be seen as lacking the ‘Spirit of Perseverance.’ Consequently, the welfare of the entire membership shall not be perceived to have been grossly or gravely neglected. Personnel, were said to have seen discriminatory practices being perpetrated against certain rank-and-file members by the  ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’  As every leader, manager and supervisor shall know, such practices in workplaces, had often resulted in ‘Low Productivity’ and serious indiscipline.


As it affects the tenure  of ‘ ‘Senior Sergeant John Pelle,’ he may have seen ‘…The good; …The bad; The ugly; and …The indifferent.’ In later years, he may have seen the membership of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ deeply troubled by; (a) ‘Discrimination; (b) Victimization; and (c) Despondency.’ In spite of his ‘Organizational Hell,’ he has served the nation with a passion. He has not only performed his assigned or detailed duties exceedingly well, but also with honesty and integrity. If it were not so, he may not have served in these Services for ‘43-years’ [October 27, 1980],


His dedication to duty would only be unmatched or unparallel by the new ‘Mandatory’ age of retirement of 65-years.’ Instructively, privilege information revealed that when he stood against ‘Environmental Exploitation,’ he reportedly faced mounting organizational horrors. From intimate knowledge and practical enforcement of law, he refused to be influenced or persuaded to flout law to do special favors.


It was then he was forcefully returned to ‘Law Enforcement.’ It was not for want of ‘Recommendations for his Elevation’ through the ranks of the ‘Police Service’ by ‘former Chief Immigration Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ivor Walker.’ For whatever, reason/s, either; (a) The Police High Command; or (b) The Police Service Commission (PSC)’ appeared not to have recognized his membership in the ‘Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB).’


They have been seen by rank-and-file members as heartless. Though their hearts may ache, they shall shed no tears; nor wipe no weeping eyes. Neither shall they read from the ‘Holy Bible.’ They shall see it, and be afraid to touch it. As a warning, their hearts shall palpitate, while their bodies shall vibrate when the rank ‘Senior Sergeant,’ was called. They shall tremble and fall to their knees, inaudibly whispering to themselves, that which they shall see as the perpetration of a ‘Punishable Evil’ against ‘John Pelle.’


The membership of both the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ have become disgruntled, dissatisfied and dejected.’ But for their livelihood, the overwhelming majority, were just ‘hanging in.’ All know that the ‘Job Market’ calls for ‘mid-way to high qualifications.’ Most were not so equipped. Their problems, however, were not about that market. They were concerned about the environmentally- affiliated and appointed members of the constitutional body called the ‘Police Service Commission (PSC).’


The personnel appeared to have been ‘Disappointed and Jaded’ over their upward mobility within the rank structure of the vital services to the nation. While it takes into consideration, their hapless positions, the deaths of the two ‘Fallen Colleagues.’ That which was outside the knowledge of the author, has been researched. Some of the contents, those with intimate familiarity, were otherwise, guided by research. Thus, that which might be read, were neither the thoughts, nor suggestions of serving members.


Then there are the  ‘Living,’ that became ‘Victims of Cronyism and Insularity;’ (i) ‘Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney QPM; and (ii) Senior ‘CID’ Inspector Theodore Horne; and the ‘Dead- (i) Corporal Clifton Common 51; and (ii) Senior Sergeant John Pelle 61; and (iii) The hundreds of personnel that have also been made ‘Victims’ of a ‘Body and System,’ that seemed ‘Reek of Corruption,’ and a membership that have been accused as ‘Spitefully Vindictive’ [January 20, 2024].


Though painful, ‘John Pelle’s’ organizational blues and miseries are all over. While there may have been other organizational concerns, the ‘Upward Mobility’ through the ranks by the personnel of the ‘Police and Fire Services,’ were o vital importance. Thus, besides ‘Medals for Meritorious Service,’ that which appear to have been among the major concerns for actively-serving members, were said to have been ‘Incentivized Privileges.’ These were being looked at from the perspectives of; (a) ‘.Comparability; and (b) Incomparability,’ as the affect (i) ‘Longevity of Service; (ii)  Achievements; (iii) Opportunities for advancement’ (iv) Professional development; and (v) Organizational growth.’ Members saw these as comporting with their hopes and spirations and the ‘National Anthem,’ that speaks to ‘…Each endeavoring; All achieving.’  ***

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