COMMENTARY: Mother And 5-Year-Old Son Lured To Death

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room



Economically, not ignoring ‘Tourism’ dependency on whichever country. However, as it affects (a) ‘Parental responsibility; (b) Child care and safety; and (c) Obedience to the ‘Rule of Law,’ these dictate that ‘Parents and Guardians’ shall act with a sense of responsibility, not only as society expects, but also as a moral conscience guide. Given the apparent reckless behavior of both parents of 5-year-old ‘Shray Misna,’ thereby riskily exposing ‘5- year-old Shray Misna’ to physical danger and instant death, far and near, the ‘Gospel of Care’ shall be preached to all nations. Criminal investigators shall teach the ‘Lessons,’ that there is no tolerance, neither for indulgence in reckless parenting, nor gross or grave ‘Parental Negligence.’ None shall expose any child to danger. No matter the fantasy, none shall recklessly take any child into any dangerous environment.


This commentary focuses on two convicted murderers and the ‘Modus Operandi’ (Mode of Operation). It has ‘Twelve Lessons.’ In the cases under reference, though ‘Lured Killings’ is not a legal term, the coined words speak to ‘Killings’ of innocent victims unsuspectingly lured to act to their detriment or death. No matter the sophistication, none shall harbor belief that in the ‘Caribbean’ crime is unsolvable pays or it pays. The recent ‘Double-Tragedy,’ looked at from a ‘Modus Operandi,’ the cases against murder-convicts; (i) ‘John Earl Baughman-1994; and (ii) Ronald Gederon-2001,’ appeared to have been replicated by the ‘Suspicions Watery Death’ of; (i) ‘Mohini Misna 37; and (ii) Son Shray 5.’


Since both deceased, may have had no clue as to the geographic location, to have been taken to it between ‘6 am and 7 am’ [November 30, 2023], may have been much more than to witness the spectacle of a ‘Rising of the Sun.’ Most unfortunately, he left ‘Before the Sun Sets.’ It was as much to the apparent ‘Negligence’ of both parents, as it was the innocence of a ‘5-Year-Old Walking across the ‘Bridge of the Devil’ to instant ‘Death,’ that has inspired this commentary. Dedicated to their memory.


In spite of the infrequent incidents, some capable of being mildly described as ‘Environmental Turmoil,’ with some seemingly occasioned by visiting families, the nation remains a most popular tourist destination. Significant ‘State’ resources have been expended to ensure that visitors share and experience the warmth of the people and in its hospitality. There are fine foods and wines and liqueurs. These include a deceptive and enticingly-consumable national ‘Rum Punch.’ It shall be warned that the spirituous mixture was known to have left several consumers making request for more, only to be aided back to their resort’s rooms.


The other ‘Visitor’s Attractions,’ include; (a) ‘The numerous white-sand beaches that nature has scattered across the nation’s short-distanced shoreline; (b) Pristine non-turbulent sea water; (c) Breath-taking sceneries and lush green vegetation. Enjoyment is security-guaranteed for both visitors and nationals alike in an enabling environment, conducive to peace of mind; (d) Marine activities that provide for excursions around the nation, extending to ‘Sister-Isle Barbuda,’ with its spectacle of secluded white and pink sand beaches, that allows for suntanning-hedonism-style.


However meteorologically predictive, accurate or inaccurate it may be, it remains undisputed that lightning has never struck twice at the same place.’ Relate such yet to be irrefutable fact to criminals and acts of criminality, none shall harbor illusions that from time to time, perpetrators of crime may not strike at the same place. Such belief shall be guided by the fundamentals of the ‘Crime Triangle.’ These include; (i) ‘An intent: (ii) A victim; and (iii) An opportunity.’ In the absence of anyone of these, a crime cannot be committed. For crime, no one knows this ‘Crime Triangle’ better than the sophisticated criminals as well as the amateurish ones.


Either a ‘Sinister Plot,’ or an apparent impaired parental judgment saw the ‘5-year-old’ being recklessly taken to a treacherous environment saw his ‘Child Life’ ended; (a) Tragically; and (b) In circumstances that require extensive investigations, all the way to his country of domicile-Canada.’ The nation mourns, not only his tragic loss, but also that of his mother, ‘Holini Misna 37.’ Incidentally, seemingly well-timed, as he fell and instantly submerged by rushing waves. There was ‘No straw to snatch or rope to hold on to for their safety. Sadly, both ‘Mother and son, Perishingly Disappeared. The only non-responsive things in view; (i) ‘The ‘Rising Sun; (ii) The rugged shoreline rocks; and (c) The dangerous ‘Bridge of The Devil.’


The ‘Perpetrators of Evil,’ were usually strategically-positioned to be in close proximity of the innocent victim, ‘Destined to Die’ horrible deaths. In the instant case of undoubtedly, the ‘Lured Death,’ the apparent timely and perfectly executed Act,’ such was perpetrated against the ‘Unsuspecting Wife and Son.’ From a professional perspective, their demise was clearly not hatched on mainland ‘Antigua.’ Reasonably presumed, this may have been ‘Hatched in Canada.’. In remembrance of the apparent deceived and innocent deceased ‘Mother and Son,’ unsuspectingly ‘Lured to the Bridge of the Devil’ and helplessly perished’ [November 30, 2023]. This is comprehensive.


Not yet grown into boyhood, adulthood or manhood. Yet a ‘5-year-old boy was taken from the comfort of his accommodation and allowed access to the ‘Bridge of the Devil.’ However, it occurred, he fell off the ‘Bridge’ into the ‘Treacherous Sea.’ He knew not that he was ‘Drowning.’ Moreover, he knew not the parable ‘A drowning man clutches at a straw to save his own life.’ There was none. Not even his mother to hold and cradled him in her safe and comforting arms, as she too was drowning helplessly. There was no father to grab and rescue him safety, as he had reportedly, if not fakingly absent, running a quarter-mile distance to seek assistance. These were ‘Good Information for Maxie and Frankie.’


Instructively, the story seemingly a ‘Suspicious Concoction,’ informs; ‘…The little boy saw something and ran; …Just then, a wave came up; …He grabbed his mother’s legs; and …They both fell into the water.’ The news portals attributed these to ‘Tourism Minister Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez’ [Island Press Box (IPB): 3 Days Ago]. Though sensitivity demands that some things were not queried, and cognizance of that was said to have ‘Killed Cats,’ ‘Compelled by Temptation,’ one might curiously ask; ‘Did the little boy see and run from the devil?’ Media revelations by the ‘Minister appeared to have breached no confidential or investigative protocols.  In fact, it was said to have been useful to criminal investigators on the tragedy and unfolding events.


Even though criminal investigators have been provided with ‘Contradictions’ of one kind or another, none may lend ‘Credence’ to the utterance of a man subjected to possible criminal investigation. Consequent upon the tragic turn of events on the ‘Bridge of the Devil,’ it is given clearly to understand and be remembered that; (i) ‘Those that may have been motivated, calculatedly or negligently, caused his ‘Watery Demise.’ Clearly ‘an innocent 5-year-old little boy, ‘Shray Misna;’ and (ii) Those that may fail in their investigative duty in bringing the perpetrator/s to ‘Criminal Justice,’ they shall forever feel grievingly oppressed with an increasing sense of ‘Tormenting Guilt.’ over the ‘Tragic Loss’ of his life’ [November 30, 2023].


There was no doubt that it has always been part human nature, to be adventurous, or to do the expected. There are four Classes of People’ that may riskily venture a ‘Walk’ across the ‘Bridge of the Devil.’ As it relates to visitation to ‘Bridge of the Devil,’ these represents those that are likely: (i) The adventurous: (ii) The Reckless; (iii) Risky; (iii) The Idiotic: (iv) Those with Diminish responsibility: and (v) The unsuspecting perpetrators of crime.’ The ‘unsuspecting perpetrators’ represent the presence of evil and death.

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