Chrisean Rock Airs Out Blueface In New Video “Baby Father Drama”

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock airs out her recent drama with Blueface in her new song and accompanying music video, “Baby Father Drama.”

Since giving birth last month, the Crazy In Love reality TV star has been hitting the studio crafting new music to compete with Blueface’s other baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, who currently has a budding rap career. Alexis also signed a deal with the “Thotiana” rapper’s record label MILF Music.

After getting some criticisms from fans about having her newborn baby in the studio with her, Chrisean Rock responded, telling them it was her home studio she was recording in, not some studio in the back alley. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop fans from scolding her about her parenting skills.

It appears that she wasn’t just recording music for her archive. On Saturday, Rock debut a new song called “Baby Father Drama,” which seems like a response to Blueface’s latest single, “Baby Momma Drama.” Rock linked up with producer DeCarlo for the new song in which she chided Blueface for posting a photo of their son, Chrisean Malone Jr., on X while revealing he had a large hernia for which the baby required surgery.

“Fatherless child left with no option/… You really think posting that picture was fair/Deep down you know that s**t was sick, you need to care/You a bitter baby father,” Chrisean sings with the assistance of Autotune.

Chrisean Rock first teased the song in September, in which she revealed that Blueface took all her money when she left and went to Baltimore to have her baby.

In related news, Chrisean revealed this week that her son is doing better after undergoing surgery to remove a hernia. She didn’t share the date that the child had the surgery, leaving some fans to criticize her again for not allowing him to rest and recover as she posted a short clip showing her holding him up to stand on his feet.

Malone has come under heavy criticism for some of her parenting choices in recent weeks, but some of her friends in the entertainment industry came to her defense, saying that she is a new mother and doesn’t know some of the things she shouldn’t be doing with a newborn baby. In one instance, a photo was shared online of Rock and her baby in Walmart that shocked some fans after the baby’s head was held backward while she appeared in a daze.