Chris Brown Says ‘Free Tory Lanez’ On Adin Ross Stream, Gets Cooked By Hotties

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chris Brown is riding for Tory Lanez despite all the controversies that come with it. The R&B singer was on Adin Ross’s stream last night, and the topic of Tory came up. Breezy has never been shy about his feelings about the incarcerated rapper, and this time was no different.

Adin Ross is also a huge supporter of Tory Lanez, as the two share a close friendship and often appear together on Ross’s live streams. While chopping it up on the stream, the topic of rappers doing freestyles came up, although Chris Brown is not a rapper. Ross quickly pointed out that Lanez had one of the most fire freestyles on his stream.

“Tory had the cr*ziest one, bro. Cr*zy, bro,” Ross said as Breezy shouted out the Canadian artist. “He went cr*zy, free my boy, man.” Adin Ross added that Tory Lanez called him on his birthday from behind bars to wish him a happy birthday, and for that, he was grateful. “Free Tory in the f***ing chat, bro. Free Tory. He’s real as f**k. He literally called me randomly on my birthday and just said ‘Happy birthday, bro. I couldn’t forget.’ I was like, wow,” he added.

Chris Brown echoed the same sentiments about Tory Lanez, calling him a solid dude, which is like a small percentage of all artists. “But that’s like two percent of artists right now,” the singer said. “He a solid dude, I f*** with Tory.”

Not that Chris Brown cares about some Megan Thee Stallion fan’s reactions, or else he wouldn’t be praising Tory Lanez in a public setting like Adin Ross’ stream. That didn’t mean the Hottie didn’t cook him in the comments. One of the primary things fans always brought up was his past assault on Rihanna. Fivio Foreign also had a run-in with fans about his “Free Tory Lanez” tweet, and he was also on the receiving end of heavy criticisms.

“Not one abuser supporting another why this is not surprising we all know Chris Brown is a serial abuser of women,” one fan wrote. Another added, “Go schedule conjugal visit then like Megan said but of course he would support a dude that shot a female, considering his past.”

Earlier this month, Chris Brown had a run-in with his old foe Quavo at the Paris Fashion Week, where they both sat next to each other. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, and nothing didn’t happen. Breezy reacted to the video of them being next to each other, saying he wasn’t going to jeopardize his money.