CHINA: A country that disrespects another country equals no respect for the citizens

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
This is what the Chinese embassy will look like when completed in October

Letter to the Editor:

A country that disrespects another country equals no respect for the citizens 

Some time ago the Chinese managed to acquire 5 acres of prime land supposedly to build an embassy.  The finished product looks more like a walled in military barracks that does not in any way whatsoever reflect their host country or the region…to sum it up, it looks like a very ugly and unfriendly/intimidating sore thumb. 

Of course we can only imagine what goes on behind that wall because it would appear that the Antiguan people as a whole are definitely not welcome. 

To cap it off there are electric wires on top of the wall which are apparently a death trap for the bird life and possibly any human who they think might try to climb over that unsightly wall.  It should be noted that not even WIOC fuel truck is allowed inside and has to deliver the fuel from the outside through a small hole in “the wall”!

China, besides their well-documented crimes against humanity in China, is also known to be extremely racist against foreigners and in particular the black race. 

One does not see any mixing or socializing between the newly arrived Chinese and locals in Antigua.  We only serve the purpose to shop in their stores and eat their food.

To come into a foreign country that is not communist or an extension of China in any way and erect a daunting Beijing architecture development with a double layer electric fence and excessive cameras can be considered nothing less than an insult to their host country and the people who live here in our westernized democratic society.

It is way past time for Antiguans (and the politicians who claim to care about the people/country) to wake up to what China is doing here and the message they are sending; that message being that we want your lands, your ports of entry, your marine resources and your, vital to the China agenda, location…

But, we do not want any Caribbean people.  China has bribed and loan trapped these islands, as per Africa, into what they consider are getting to the point of complete submission. 

If the Govt. really think that they are “friends” with the Chinese they need to think again because if they did not have a position of power to be able to dole out ad nauseam our resources they would join the rest of us and be considered akin to nothing more than a floor mat.  As for the issue of slavery it is documented that China is known to enslave their own people and also from their neighbours; some of which are sent here to do the menial work on their double/triple priced (shelf life maybe 4 years) loan trap projects.  It is highly unlikely that this virtually unpaid labour is reflected in the costs we, the people have to pay whether by cash or land.  It would appear from the silence on the issue that Chinese forced labour versus trans-Atlantic slavery is condoned by the government.

Lest we forget, the Corona Virus came out of China.  They sent the five million back into the outside world knowing full well what the consequences would be.  China needs to pay back the world the trillions in costs that have been the result for this intentional act. 

Hong Kong that used to be free and very successful under British control has become a communist totalitarian hellhole and China is doing its utmost to gain control over independent and democratic (successful) Taiwan. 

If there are people here who really think Chinese oppression and crimes against humanity and the environment cannot come to this part of the world they need to think again.  Go and take a good look at the so called embassy and take in and understand the insult and disrespect for their host country…it doesn’t take rocket science to imagine what is happening inside this complex.  Get the message, open your mouths, unify and do something about ridding this country from this impending threat to our freedom and culture.