BRITISH TO THE BONE – we cursed her, but could not but love her!

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

BRITISH TO THE BONE – we cursed her, but could not but love her!

Makeda Mikael

People of the British colonies throughout the Empire and Realms must be as confused as I feel today as I cope with a sense of loss of the Queen. For most of our lives, there has been only one person called the Queen. She represented in my historical consciousness the recipient and heir of all that my ancestors had worked for and I awake every day to that consciousness.

Everything the Queen stood for, I stood against, especially where Commonwealth and energies spent keeping her loyal subjects together; I want to get away from commonwealth which only enriches the few. I do not wish to continue working to enrich the richest person in the world, even if she is nice.

The Queen was in Kenya, Africa when her father died, at 25 she was already in touch with black people, and as human as she was, the darkness of Africa must have invaded her soul as grief descended. Occasions like that continued to bond, and she was most at home with her black and African subjects and their leaders. She found time for them. She was a real Queen, but I no longer feel I need a Queen.

As a leader the Queen on the global level was clearly a bonding element, as she used her understated woman power to invite intimacy among other leaders and was a good listener. As a mother all parents, mothers especially have shared her pain of children, and her joys of grand children, she offered much and also made so few mistakes, that her one fallout with her people and the world was like a black blot on white paper. She rode the wave to shore and reclaimed her place in the hearts of many. The last time the world joined together in the pain and loss and grief for the British was on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

God Save the Queen as a dignified, clear thinking, hard-working mother and woman, God save in our consciousness these qualities of the Queen!