Blueface Send Goons To Threaten Offset After Chrisean Rock Drama

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Blueface says he sent his “friends” to pay Offset a little visit while he was in Miami celebrating his birthday this past week. The Migos rapper has been on an extensive album promotion, followed by his birthday celebration while being newly separated from Cardi B.

Blueface is seemingly beefing with Offset after claiming that he slept with his baby momma, Chrisean Rock, weeks ago. Offset and Cardi B were reportedly separated during that time, and Offset was spotted at the same party Chrisean attended.

While on Instagram Live arguing with Soulja Boy, who he is currently beefing with, Blueface claimed that Offset threatened him, and he sent his friends to check on him.

“We’re gonna use you. Offset wanted to get use you. You wana talk about Offset? All that came out, Offset got mad about his wife. He made some threats and we had somebody go tap his shoulder in Miami couple days ago let him know he’s touchable,” Blueface said. He continued, “He won’t make another threat again. I’m really like that.”

Offset has not reacted to Blueface, but on December 10, he responded to Blueface’s claim that he and Chrisean had sex at his California house back in November.

“I ain’t never talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!” Offset responded to the now-deleted tweet.

Recently, Offset has been spotted out with his former Side Chick, Jade, and an Instagram model, London Perry, at Kanye’s listening party. The Atlanta rapper had a blast for his birthday while his wife was on social media having a meltdown and crying about his abandoning her when she needed him the most.

“I have really been sparing you. You been f***ing feeling yourself you f**king b**cha** n**ga and your b**ch a$$ album and you really been doing me dirty after so many f**king years that I muthaf**king helped your a$$, not even f*king thank you that I got,” she blasted the rapper.

The couple, including their son Wave and daughter Kulture, recently appeared on a new episode of Baby Shark, where many praised their family unit and image.