Bird Airport Is Stigmatizing The Name

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
VC Bird International airport


Observation by Airport Observer

Under the cover of the storm last weekend, a strange set of circumstances occurred at Bird Airport. The Prime Minister ag. Hon.Steadroy was made aware of a situation at the airport early Friday morning and immediately had the Permanent Secretary send out a directive to the Airport Management, to have aircraft seeking shelter from Storm Fiona accept the complimentary Storm Shelter offered by the Bizjet Hangar.

Having received the directive from the PM ag. the airport Management called the PM ag and advised him that they had stopped the aircraft from using the Bizjet Hangar because the Hangar was not insured, and requesting that he overturn the directive.

As a consequence, the directive was not overturned because the Minister was advised that the Airport Management has lied regarding the insurance of the hangar, a copy of the insurance cover was seen by him.

The directive was not overturned, the Airport Management just ignored the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile at the airport, the owners of a helicopter (US $800,000.approx) nervously called everyone they knew, as the winds picked up and they knew their helicopter would shortly be blown apart.

After they were told by a member of management that ‘ nothing goes into that hangar and nothing comes out,’ they realized they would have to accept the responsibility of securing their equipment.

So they pushed the helicopter against the tiny wind gusts across the ramp, and took shelter in an empty hangar with insecure doors, praying that the temporary shelter would preserve their helicopter.

Luck was with Antigua because looking at what happened to our neighbours, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico, had the storm hit Antigua, in the absence of secure Storm Shelter, their helicopter would have been just a heap of metal.

The next day the Airport Security went looking for the helicopter and advised they could not find it. After checking around, it was discovered that the Airport Security at two Gates allowed the owners to remove their helicopter from the Airport compound without Security notifying the Airport Management, making them look even more inept.

Under normal circumstances on a normal airport, this would be reason for an in depth investigation, and litigation for business interference and stigma damage by those whose businesses were affected.

In Antigua positions go by favours not by knowledge and experience.