Barbados firm to help APUA detect leaking pipes

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
APUA Minister Robin yEARWOOD

Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet invited a Barbados-based firm called INNOTECH to share with its members, its successes in waste management and in detecting leaking water pipes buried beneath the earth.

The firm displayed a video recording showing garbage disposal containers that are on wheels and garbage trucks that had been retrofitted to do the heavy lifting of these containers, so that the sanitation workers do not have to lift rubbish-filled, heavy containers.

The containers each have a barcode/strip that, when scanned, provides the household location and the quantum of waste that the household generates each week. The World Bank data confirm that the wealthier a nation, the more rubbish its citizens and residents are likely to discard.

The firm has also indicated that it has access to the technology that will allow it to detect leaks in the network of pipes that carry potable water to homes and villages.

The technology was employed in Barbados where 1150 points of leak were identified in the water network.

The water authority there tested 60% or more than 600 of those leaks so identified and found the technology to be accurate.

 The APUA Utilities Minister immediately agreed to have that technology deployed, especially in those areas in St. John’s where they are certain that significant leakage is taking place.