Attorney General says inmates have no respect for female prison officers

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Recruitment Drive for Male Officers and Training Initiatives for Inmates Unveiled

Attorney General (AG) Benjamin outlined comprehensive plans aimed at reforming the prison system, with a focus on enhancing respect for female officers and improving the rehabilitation of inmates.

AG Benjamin expressed his commitment to addressing concerns about the lack of respect for female officers within the prison system.

To tackle this issue, the AG announced a recruitment drive to increase the number of male officers.

The goal is to create a more balanced and respectful environment within correctional facilities.

“We want to ensure a professional and respectful atmosphere within our prisons. By recruiting more male officers, we aim to address the challenges faced by female officers and foster a culture of mutual respect,” stated AG Benjamin during the press conference.

In addition to the recruitment drive, the Attorney General emphasized the importance of training programs for inmates.

He reminisced about the days when handcrafted items made by prisoners were a common sight in local markets. AG Benjamin unveiled plans to reintroduce such programs, allowing inmates to acquire valuable skills and contribute positively to society.

“Prisoners will undergo training in various handcrafts, enabling them to create artifacts and other marketable items. Our vision is to have a designated section in local markets where these products can be sold, generating income for the inmates and promoting their rehabilitation,” explained AG Benjamin.

The AG further highlighted the importance of agricultural initiatives within the prison system.

Inmates will be trained to cultivate and harvest crops, not only for self-sufficiency but also to supply other government institutions with fresh produce.

“I envision a day when I can visit the market on Saturday mornings and see a dedicated section for prisoners, showcasing their handcrafted products and agricultural produce. This initiative is not just about rehabilitation; it’s about equipping inmates with skills that will help them reintegrate into society as productive individuals,” added AG Benjamin.

As part of these reforms, the Attorney General entrusted Mr. Henry with the responsibility of overseeing the agricultural initiatives within the prison system.

The goal is to create a sustainable system that benefits both the inmates and other government institutions.

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