Antigua Hostile To Storm Shelter Request

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Antigua Hostile To Storm Shelter Request

Makeda Mikael

Antigua has again exposed its lack of knowledge of its Aviation responsibility, in particular in emergencies and severe weather conditions.

The Airport Authority has over the past 24 hours been haggling with an operator and her clients, who have requested and obtained Storm Shelter Free of cost to aircraft requiring it during the imminent Storm.

Aircraft on neighboring islands which use Antigua as a hub are also given a thumbs down by ABAA as haggling continues with a Service Provider.

In this weather crisis the Airport seeks to define property ownership, and what lies within and without the airport; and who is an operator, and their own ignorance about the role of Aviation Service Providers who broker services.

In a real airport unlike what is going on, the focus would be on the safety of the aircraft from weather, and the ability to offer Storm Shelter.

It is unbelievable that this ban is in the same Hangar which was used by the Government of Antigua and neighboring governments and organizations, free of cost as a Disaster & distribution air center for the islands devastated by Hurricane Irma.

The Government no longer operates as the Constitution demands, and it could cost the country  a lot of money.

The Permanent Secretary, Aviation, and the Advisor to the Minister should be ashamed to be allowing a Statutory body to be so obtuse, that it fails in its mission to save Aircraft from vile weather, and breaches International Regulations, not to mention insensitivity and lack of common sense.

If the people employed do not serve the purpose of their important and well-paid jobs replace them or expect the Airport to have a bad Safety reputation.