Antigua and Barbuda Eases Water Rationing, but Residents Urged to Sustain Conservation Efforts Amidst Potential Return in 2024

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Residents are advised to continue conserving water, as rationing may resume in mid-2024.

The current water supply in catchments can last six months, contingent on receiving adequate rainfall to replenish them.

Beyond that, if there’s no runoff by June next year, a return to conservation measures is likely. Potworks Dam currently supplies about 9 percent of the local demand, with 700,000 gallons daily.

The Delaps Water Treatment Plant processes and distributes 600 to 800 thousand gallons daily.

Recent heavy rains from Tropical Storm Phillipe and Hurricane Tammy increased catchment water levels.

Antigua operates eight reverse osmosis plants, with Crabbs, Shell Beach, and Delaps being the highest producers.