Antigua and Barbuda Attends First Latin America and The Caribbean Conference on United Nations Peace Operations in Lima, Peru

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
PS Stacey Gregg-Paige with Commissioner Atlee Rodney and Col. Telbert Benjamin

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Safety and Labour, Ms. Stacey Gregg-Paige, lead a high-profile team to the first Latin American and Caribbean Conference on United Nations Peace Operations in Lima, Peru.

The conference was organized by the United Nations in collaboration with the Government of Peru.

The event which runs from September 6 to 7 saw representatives from several Government, Military, and Police organizations from Latin America and the Caribbean who discussed topics related to UN Peace Keeping Operations and the Role of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some of the topics include: – The establishment of a Regional Cooperation Network in the Field of Peace Operations; Lessons Learned in Training and Education in Preparation for Peace Keeping Operations; Women, Peace and Security; Gender Approach on Peacekeeping Operations, and the Development of Science and Technology and Environmental Care; Challenges and a Vision Forward, among several others.

Speaking at the opening ceremony was the President of Peru Mr. Pedro Castillo who highlighted the importance of regional cooperation and collaboration in addressing regional and international conflicts. He stressed that Latin America and the Caribbean have a vital role to play in global peace and UN Peace Keeping Operations.

PS Gregg-Paige described the conference as very timely and informative and was happy that we are all able to dialogue on the critical issues of peace within our hemisphere.

Also accompanying the Permanent Secretary at the conference is the Chief of Defense Staff Col. Telbert Benjamin and Commissioner of Police, Mr. Atlee Rodney.

Colonel Benjamin said, “This event and the intended creation of a network of interest presents an opportunity for ABDF and the Police Force to make a more tangible contribution to hemispheric and global security, in line with our country’s national interests and within our limitations.”

Meanwhile, the head of the police force, Commissioner Atlee Rodney also echoed similar sentiments by saying, “This is a great opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda to place itself in a good position to fulfill its global obligations in the area of UN Peace Keeping Operations.” He also stated, “The networking with security officials from Latin America is quite beneficial to Antigua and Barbuda.”

The conference was held under the theme of “Living In Peace.