Allowed: Hair extensions, black or brown sneakers for school and games Loop Barbados

The content originally appeared on: News Americas Now

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

There is a new “sheriff” in town for students as it pertains to the dress code considering the previous National Grooming Policy was 27 years old. “It was time for us to do an upgrade.”

This is from the Minister of Education Kaay McConney during a recorded message released last night.

“We start this new term with a policy that speaks to the dress code for nursery, primary and secondary schools. A dress code that falls within the purview of our ministry of Education to update.”

Noting that shoes and hair garnered the most inquiries from the public, she highlighted these two areas in National Grooming Policy 2023.

“On the question of shoes, shoes must be comfortable, neat and clean, and they must be one solid colour as determined by the schools’ uniform guidelines. Sneakers that are aligned with this standard will be allowed. And this is a change in our schools’ grooming policy which I want to highlight.

“We have listened to the concerns raised by many families who are required to purchase different types of shoes for multiple children in their households and in an effort to ease the burden, the ministry has taken the decision to allow children to wear a pair of shoes that is multifunctional.

“So… if your child’s school shoes would normally be black, they would be allowed to wear the black sneakers with both their formal school uniform as well as their games clothes.”

Though McConney did not speak to it, the full document on the ministry’s website states, “Hair extensions are allowed but must not be elaborate and should be neatly groomed.”

McConney in her verbal report, however, honed in on three things – tidiness, neatness and simplicity.

She said, “On the matter of hair, simple hairstyles that are tidy, and neat will be allowed, and this includes natural hairstyles. For example locs, plaits, cornrows and for are allowed as long as they are tidy and neat, not distracting and not obstructing the view of others. In short, the emphasis should be on simplicity, tidiness and neatness.

“Hair colour other than the natural colour of your child’s hair will not be permitted. So, for the students we know who love the purples and the blues and the other hot colours, we ask that you keep the artistic ideas for Crop Over and other special occasions outside of school.”

She also mentioned that girls are still being held to one earring per ear in each lobe and addressing the question from members of the public about boys and earrings at school, she said, boys will not get to wear earrings “at this time”.