50 Cent Uses Cassie and Diddy Lawsuit To Send A Message

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

G-Unit rapper and television producer 50 Cent is not letting up on trolling his nemesis, Diddy. He posted a fresh meme on Monday morning as he reacted to Cassie settling the multimillion-dollar lawsuit.

On Monday, 50 Cent posted another meme of Cassie and Diddy on the red carpet with a caption hinting that he was reacting to how swiftly the lawsuit was settled.

“If I text you this [peace sign] it means I want my money by tomorrow,” the meme read. “I’m not waiting till Monday @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi,” he also wrote on Instagram.

The rapper’s meme seemed to connect with his fans, who also reacted. “Curtis the ONLY male in the game to stand on business when it comes to the weird sh*t that be happening,” one of his followers commented.

Another wrote, “I would hate to be on @50cent bad side I just wanna be his bestie lmfao he been on it.”

“Fifty must really know some terrible shit about Diddy the way he taunts him publicly and puff never says shit lets me know Fifty got that boy number lol,” another wrote.

“This is funny as hell. “Run me my money” summed up in one picture,” another said.

The latest jabs by 50 Cent comes after brother Love was spotted looking very disheveled and disoriented on Sunday at his Miami vacation home. It’s the first time Diddy has been spotted since the incident, as he appeared to be in a bathrobe while sitting outside. The hip-hop mogul is also seen holding his head while bending down, and at another point, he seems impassioned on the phone.

Diddy appeared stressed as the grey hairs on the side of his head appeared not to be cut in a while.

Still, he has not addressed the lawsuit, and his lawyer put out a statement on Saturday urging that settling the lawsuit did not mean he was admitting any guilt or wrongdoing.

In the meantime, Cassie’s attorney has since filed documents dismissing the case.