5 tips to get around safer, more confidently with Uber Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The holidays may be over, but safety best practices at Uber are recommended and practised year-round.

The Uber app has highlighted various tools available in Jamaica to help users get around the city more safely and confidently.

Whether it’s gatherings with family and friends or last-minute shopping, users can go where they want in a more reliable way with Uber’s more than 20 safety tools.

“Safety is always a top priority at Uber, and with the Christmas holidays, we know that many people partake in the celebrations, get-togethers, and food and drink. We encourage Jamaicans to celebrate responsibly and that they use the app to get around the city more safely,” reads a statement from Uber.

How to safely enjoy the holidays with the Uber app

PIN verification

The holidays are an active period for travel and get-togethers, so it is recommended that you activate the lease verification option through a four-digit code available in the app; this allows you to verify that you are boarding the correct vehicle.

In this way, the lessor partner will only start the lease once he enters and validates the indicated pin.

Share a lease

Uber has a feature that allows you to share your location in real-time with up to five trusted contacts, which may be friends or family, throughout the lease.

This feature is useful to let others know your estimated time of arrival, as well as notify them when you arrive home safely.

Audio recording

Should a user have an inconvenience during their lease, they can activate the audio recording tool in the app; the recording is used to send a report to Uber’s 24/7 support team, and it is encrypted so that only Uber’s safety team can access it.

Ride check technology

As an additional safety measure, users can activate this feature that, through the GPS technology of the user’s and the lessor partner’s devices, can identify anomalies such as long or unexpected stops during a lease.

These may be indicative of a safety risk. Once said stop is detected, the Uber app provides support options and access to safety tools.

119 call

In an emergency, this button allows you to dial 119 directly from the app. Pressing it displays the current location and lease information on the screen so it can be quickly shared with authorities.

According to Uber, “The list above details just a few of the things we have implemented with safety as a priority. We encourage users and lessor partners to explore our suite of safety tools that can be used every day if they choose the Uber app as their preferred mobility option, but especially during this holiday season to make sure they arrive safely at their destination.”