400 Years Of Darkness Makes Leaders Blind

The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

400 Years Of Darkness Makes Leaders Blind

Living with the knowledge that four hundred years is missing from our history, and every time we move to recapture our past we are rebuffed, called names and refused repair by the descendants of those very persons who kidnapped us, and used us dreadfully during those missing centuries.

British inheritors of our labour forget that in their turn to enslave peoples, they introduced psychological warfare and racism as their long-range weapons, which continue to do damage today.

Psychological damage is responsible for the some of the leaders we have produced, making them blind to the cries of their people.

Our leaders for the most part have been the product of the edge of the ghetto, the edge of the new educated class, the edge of the ghetto again and the edge of the hood.

Our leaders have slipped over the edge and like the collection of blind kings, live  in luxury in the palace of their conquerors, but they are blind, and still controlled.

Our leaders have accustomed themselves to the luxurious living of those who held the reigns before, and the greed that attacks those who came from nothing, forces them to choose the rich and comfortable over their own poor and desolate.

This happens all over the political world, but in 108 sq. ml. where every body is almost related, lies are hard to keep covered, and the leaders cannot see, but the poor are always watching.

Blinded by the opportunity the be greedy, psychologically damaged by four hundred years hard labour, our leaders behave as though they are still on the plantation, but now in the Great House ruling over their negroes.

The darkness of the plantation dominates the souls of our leaders as they seek acceptance from the inheritors of our ancestors hard labour, often corrupting  themselves, becoming black rogues in power replacing the white ones. The urgency of survival with all its self-interests then invades all that should remain sacred, like  caring for the poor and deprived, uplifting the youth, helping them to find a life worth living.

Even as it took this long to be partially freed and politically independent, it will take even longer to peel off the centuries of domination of our spirit, re-making us as a people, easily bought off with a few trinkets and Easy Dollars.

Slowly, slowly our people are beginning to rebel, unfortunately it is propelled by unemployment and resultant poverty, absence of family, and a system of government which talks but does nothing.

The people of the region are catching the fever of the oppressed, and making their voices heard, including those who use violence and fear as weapons of reprisals along with fire, wounding, destruction of property and outright robbery.

Our leaders need to listen to the cries of their people!